Marco Dalla Libera

Hi, I'm Marco, welcome to my page.

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About me

I'm an italian IT student interested in Linux open-source project, so I spend part of my free time helping people in forums and wiki.

Forums and wiki

Open-source projects

I think that a critical point to make Linux popular is to made it simple and user friendly. Well, when I installed Linux for the first time, I encounterd a very big problem: the hybrid graphics support.

In fact the battery life of my laptop was very poor, about 40 minutes, and the temperature was always very high. This made me using almost all the time Windows, where I had an optimal power management. I've tried a lot of ways to solve this problem, and finally i found it in acpi_call. With this kernel module I could deactivate the discrete GPU of my laptop, so battery life and temperature began to be similiar to Windows. But the installation and usage of this kernel module was (and is) not too much user friendly for a beginner, so i tried to made it more simple.

I've created for it a graphic interface and some automatization scripts, you can find these projects here: